Resident of the Month

Betty Lowe

             Betty Lowe was born September 3, 1923 Hartford, Kansas where she has lived most of her life raising her two children. She has two siblings, six grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Betty worked mostly as a CNA and cooked at several places including ESU. In addition to that she enjoyed canning and freezing vegetables and fruits from her garden. Other hobbies she enjoyed was crocheting, sewing, and other types of needlework. One thing I remember was every night after supper and everyone had their baths she liked to go sit outside with a glass of iced tea and we would watch the sky and/or just sit out there and talk.

 Congratulation Betty for being chosen as

“Our Resident of the Month”



Caring Hearts for September


Faye, Carmen, Tabatha and all staff were nominated as our “Caring Heart of the Month”. Their nominations read as follows:

 Faye Suchy:   Because she is a really good waitress and sheis real nice, but then again , everyone in  dietary does a great job!  (Janice Messerschmidt)

Carmen Padron: Good person. She does good work in the kitchen trying to get us good meals.     (Dan Rathke)

Tabatha Morgan:  She gives excellent care and attention.   (Lynn Jacob)

All Staff:  All the staff does such a great job here!  (Marjorie Winzeler)

Congratulations to Faye, Carmen, Tabatha and Staff on being chosen as

Our Caring Hearts of the Month!