Resident of the Month

Floyd Nichols

             Floyd was born on April 12, 1940 to Dottie and Hank Nichols in Strong City, Kansas. He had three brothers and three sisters. He moved to Emporia where he finished the 8th grade at Lowther High School.  Floyd had many jobs: he worked for several restaurants in the area washing dishes, cooking, ect…, and he worked in maintenance at Flint Hills Rest Home.

Floyd married Marjorie Hopper in June 1986ish in Emporia, Kansas. They had three children; Raymond, Floyd Jr., and Pam. He worked for CSI at I.B.P. for nine years. He says “it was a very messy job.”  He also worked in Colorado for five years in the hayfields and also painted houses.

Floyd enjoyed retirement with his wife for many years until she passed away in 2000. He has three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Floyd has been an asset to our community. He helps passing newspapers, delivering mail and volunteers to help, even dressed-up as Santa to spread cheer to our residents and celebrate the winter holidays. Floyd brightens our days with his good humor and funny t-shirts.

Congratulation Floyd for being chosen as

“Our Resident of the Month”

Caring Hearts

The following employees were nominated as our “Caring Hearts of the Month”. Their nominations read as follows:

Sarah Kehoe: "Always helping me."          (Janice Messerschmidt)

Tyler Baker: "Never to busy for us."          (Evelyn Murphy)

"Will come and work anytime needed." (Linda Miller)

Therapy Department: "The entire department is wonderful and caring." (Lonna Thomas)

Jessie Selby: "Longevity and experience are a bonus. She always has a smile and friendly personality, she is always professional and respectful to me."   (Steve Miltz)

Trish Chismar: "She is nice and helps me, especially at finding my missing things."    (Eugene Wheeler)

Mary Little, Debbie Davis, Brianna Clark, S’Klyan Russell, Corbi Admire, Trish Chismar: While they have different duties, each has expressed genuine concern and interest in providing the best care. They are interested in learning new things. Trish came in on her day off to get my husband admitted.    ( family of Don Smith)

Congratulations to Sarah, Tyler, Therapy, Jessie, Mary, Debbie,                                                              Brianna,  S’Kylan, Corbi, and Trish on being chosen as

“Our Caring Hearts of the Month!”