Golliher Eileen

 Eileen was born in Meade, Kansas on September 4, 1923. She met and married Robert Golliher, also of the Meade area in December 1943. While living in Meade, Eileen and Robert welcomed three children into their lives. Eileen worked in the Meade Bank while living there.

Caring Hearts for July


Jamie and Alicia were nominated as our “Caring Heart of the Month”. Their nominations read as follows

Jamie Thompson: She is a good person and very helpful. (Janice Messerschmidt)

Alicia Davis: She is good with working with us. (Janice Messerschmidt)

                      I like her and she helps me out a lot. (Sandra Fulton)


Congratulations Jamie and Alicia on being chosen as

Our Caring Heart of the Month!