Resident of the Month

William and Mildred Rathke

             Millie and Willie Rathke were married in August of 1956 in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, at the historical Chase County Court House.  They spent the next ten years living on a farm south of Olpe, Kansas with their two daughters, Betty and Patricia.  In 1966, the family sold the farm and moved into the big metropolis of Olpe, where both Millie and Willie worked for the schools.  They both drove school bus routes and worked as custodians until their retirements. 

Millie and Willie are very well known around Olpe for their many years of service to the community. Willie served as a volunteer fireman.  They were both active in the American Legion, as Willie is a WWII veteran, along with being members of the Lions Club.  Millie is a member of the St. Joseph Catholic Church.  They can also be commended for bringing a recycling program to the City of Olpe.  Millie and Willie are the proud grandparents to six (6) grandchildren and four (4) great-grandchildren, with number five scheduled to arrive in July. 

(On a personal note, my grandparents are my heroes.  They don’t know a stranger and they would help anyone out that needed it.  They were both amazing role models and have been selfless volunteers during my entire life.  –Julie Cooper, Granddaughter)

Congratulation Willie and Millie for being chosen as

“Our Resident of the Month”

Caring Hearts

The following employees were nominated as our “Caring Hearts of the Month”. Their nominations read as follows:

Nelda Taylor: "Nelda takes good care of me and treats me well."          (Janice Messerschmidt)

Karen Garcia: "She tries hard to make sure everyone is happy." (Mark Gardner)

Congratulations to Nelda and Karen on being chosen as

“Our Caring Hearts of the Month!”