Monroe Robert


Robert Monroe was born in western Kansas on April 4, 1944 he started work at the age fourteen in a cafe. Then on to the oil fields at the age of sixteen. Robert stayed in the oil fields untill he went to work at a feed plant. He became a dad in July 1966 to a his son Bobby. Bobby and his wife Tresea gifted Robert with seven grandchildren. Then Robert, again in 1971, welcomed his daughter Missy into the world. Years later Missy gave Robert three more grandchildren. Robert enjoyed his family and their visits together. But, like most men Robert also enjoys fishing, watching classic and western movies, and working on cars.

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Cassandra Duke

She is always prompt answering call lights and always friendly to all resident. She is a super nurse! We feel she really cares about us.                     (Janice Messerschmidt, Genevieve Shook, and Ed Baillod)

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