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Resident of the Month

  Wanita Ball

             Wanita Ball (Sanford) was born on November 18, 1928 to Homer A. Sanford and Elizabeth J. Harrison. She has six brothers and sisters; Bill, Tom, Helen, Marilyn, Sally, and Gerry. Wanita married Joseph L. Ball and they had two children Ruth Drake and Laura Latner. They also adopted two children. She has six grandchildren; Isaac Drake, Jon Rhoads, Casandra Rhoads, Hanah Rhoads, Timothy Rhoads and Daniel Rhoads.

Wanita was a stay at home mother until her daughters married. Due to her husbands job and retirement they moved around quite a bit. 

Congratulation Wanita for being chosen as

“Our Resident of the Month”


Caring Hearts

The following employees were nominated as our “Caring Hearts of the Month”. Their nominations read as follows:

Melinda Brimer: She’s good and will do anything for me. She is very special to me.            (Ethel Dallke)

Belinda Sidebottom: Answers call lights in a timely fashion. (Janice Messerschmidt)

Shelby Hicks: She does her job well and really caring. (Janice Messerschmidt)

Cindy Weltha: She is very helpful. When I need to just talk to someone she listens and helps if she can. (Linda Fletcher)

Brianna Clark: She made sure I was helped and she did well with my family. (Joyce Gorman)

Congratulations to Melinda, Belinda, Shelby, Cindy and Brianna on being chosen as “Our Caring Hearts of the Month!”